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The world’s first tube-driven, intelligent home audio system.

Powerful Hybrid

At the heart of the DUO rests it’s powerful, analog tube preamp. 48v of pure HiFi gold, the DUO was designed around a balance between rich tube sound and crystal clear digital quality. Featuring spun titanium drivers, DUO reproduces music with a stunning warmth and clarity.

Connect to Everything

DUO is the modern audiophile's dream. Equipped with analog phono and line level inputs for the traditionalist, DUO also features a dedicated bluetooth input and an onboard computer with a 24-Bit DAC that enables you to stream rich, uncompressed audio from everything.

Beauty in the Details

DUO's magnetic speaker cover is available in 10 standard and 27 custom colors. Add in the user controllable RGB LEDs, and you have over 16 million color options to choose from.

One Touch Control

Carved into the DUO's grained matched cabinet is the One Touch Control surface. Machined from solid aluminum, then balanced and set atop a high resolution encoder, all of DUO's features are at your finger tips.

Open-Source Electronics

With an embedded computer, DUO is the only system that can be modified, hacked and upgraded. Completely open-source, the DUO's modular design sets a new precedence in home audio.

Multimedia Monster

DUO's onboard computer enables an entire world of media possibilities. With distributions of XBMC, RuneAudio, Volumio and Android available, DUO can stream everything from everywhere. Whether you're into movies, TV or just love music, DUO has you covered.

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For a limited time you can order a DUO at wholesale. Once this preorder has sold out, we will begin manufacturing retail units for our distributor partners worldwide. The preorder is limited to 600 units and will feature unique serial numbers.

Preorder Now

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