About Colleen


Colleen’s Personal DNA Report  —  Every part of this report is so scary-accurate and on-point with how my personality is honestly like. Otherwise, if you want to know more about me, let’s just chat or hangout!



Versatile / Interdisciplinary

Titles are often so unclear in the web design industry. I’m not exactly a “specialist”, since a designer’s role in a particular project overlaps from time to time. I believe that any designer with an aesthetic sensibility should have the capabilities to think holistically throughout an entire process to its completion. I’m always curious and enjoy trying out what’s possible.

Graphic Designer (Eye for color, typography, & other visuals)

Interactive Designer (Eye for motion, transitions, animations)

UI/UX Designer (Eye for buttons, icons, usability, being human)

Information Architect (Organizing, proper labelling, navigation, wireframes)

Front-End Developer (Prototyping, testing, responsiveness, HTML/CSS/JQuery/Javascript)


Beautiful / Practical

Most design decisions are made with reason and integrity. I believe in creating things with visually aesthetic impact as well as with a functional, efficient purpose. It’s important to look beyond appearances to unite beauty, brains, and personality.


Detail-Oriented / Crafty

I’m a perfectionist and enjoy crafting little details with precision. I love to surprise and delight people. But I also embrace simplicity and keeping things clutter-free when possible.


Empathetic / Collaborative

Naturally, I have a very DIY, independent mindset, as do most creative individuals. However, some projects are never a result of a complete silo. Together we can still create consistency and form compromises through clear communication, understanding, and thorough research. Everyone should be open to others’ critical voices and insight. I abhor disrespect, discrimination, inequality, and jerks. Let’s work WITH one another, not FOR the other.