A full branding system was created for RobotFest 2010-present, an annual festival for anyone interested in the creative use of technology, such as roboticists, artists, and other hobbyists.

Elements of the beloved robot included intricate gears, batteries, wires, and meters. His right arm is a weapon ready to shoot out creative power. It is shaped like a gun made up of tools such as a screw-driver, hammer, pair of scissors, pencil, wrench, and paintbrush. He is vividly colored with inviting electric-blue hues of steel, warm lemon-yellow lights and a striking bright LED-red which radiate the “Robot Fest” in his chest. Black borders contour the form of the robot, adding a strong attention to the weight of its structure against a virescent green background. In addition, he accessorizes with a pair of sunglasses giving him a cool, trendy, and lively appearance. His power-driven and winsome look help to perfectly represent the fun energy of the Robot Fest.

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